All the Possibilities...

Reflections on a Painting by Vernon Pratt

A Documentary in Four Movements 

Co-Directed by Marsha Gordon + Louis Cherry

Edited by Kevin Wells

Title design and animation by Robin Vuchnich.

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This 16-minute documentary explores Durham-NC based artist Vernon Pratt’s most ambitious painting, ALL THE POSSIBILITIES OF FILLING IN SIXTEENTHS (65,536), which the artist completed between 1980 and 1982.  ALL THE POSSIBILITIES OF FILLING IN SIXTEENTHS was exhibited for the first time in 2018 at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design at North Carolina State University, where all 256 panels consisting of 65,536 painted squares were hung floor to ceiling on three walls in a single gallery space.


All the Possibilities… gives viewers a unique experience of Pratt’s mesmerizing and massive work of art from the level of the smallest square to the painting as a whole, including interviews with Gregg Museum of Art Director Roger Manley; Director Emeritus of the North Carolina Museum of Art, Larry Wheeler; director of the Vernon Pratt Project, William Dodge; NCSU Mathematician Radmila Sazdanovic; retired North Carolina Museum of Art curator Huston Paschal; and writer Georgeann Eubanks.


With a percussive score drawn from a longer work composed specifically for the Gregg Museum’s exhibition by Rich Holly, Arts NC State’s Executive Director, All the Possibilities immerses viewers in Pratt’s world of systematic abstraction, a symphony in black and white.

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Read Larry Wheeler's take in his arts column for Walter Magazine.



Feb 9 + 11, San Francisco Indie Fest


Feb 20, Art, Architecture, and Design Film Festival,

             Palm Springs

March, River Run International Film Festival

May,  Longleaf Film Festival


June, Sheffield Doc Fest (European Premiere)

July, University Film and Video Association 

August, Sonoma International Film Festival

T.B.D.,  Master of Art Film Festival (Bulgaria)

T.B.D., Tarheel Shorties

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