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Rendered Small  is a fifteen minute documentary directed by Marsha Gordon + Louis Cherry about the private collection of American folk art buildings that have been meticulously curated and displayed by Steven Burke and Randy Campbell in their home in Hillsborough, North Carolina.


Check out the teaser for the film; the 2014 New York Times  profile of the collection; the Raleigh News and Observer story about the collection and Rendered Small; our interview about the documentary on WUNC's The State of ThingsNCSU's News Story about the making of the documentary; and the American Folk Art Buildings website.

Rendered Small streams at UNC-TV.

All the Possibilities... is a 16 minute and 16 second experimental documentary exploring Durham-NC based artist Vernon Pratt’s most ambitious painting, All the Possibilities of Filling in Sixteenths (65,536), which the artist completed between 1980 and 1982. All the Possibilities of Filling in Sixteenths was exhibited for the first time in 2018 at the Gregg Museum of Art at North Carolina State University , where all 256 panels were hung floor to ceiling on three walls in a single gallery space.

More information about the film, festivals, and awards can be found here.

All the Possibilities... streams at NC-PBS.


Co-directed by Louis Cherry + Marsha Gordon

Trying to find comfort and inspiration during the difficult spring of 2020, we turned the camera on a pair of robins nesting in the bamboo in our back yard to make Nesting.  Observing the way the robins work tirelessly to usher their offspring from egg to helpless chicks and then out of the nest and into the world, we were reminded of the ways that nature keeps going despite so many obstacles.  This documentary meditation is accompanied by narration drawn from historical American newspaper stories about robins from the 1870s to the 1950s, ambient sound, and narration by Frank Harmon.

View the film in its entirety on YouTube.


Co-directed by Louis Cherry + Marsha Gordon

"This Beautiful Vision" will immerse the viewer in the one-of-a-kind universe created by the Hungarian-American visionary artist Alexander Bogardy.  Using his words, his voice, his paintings, and his drawings, this short documentary will bring Bogardy's vision of the world--from boxing and hair coloring, to castanet-playing and Catholicism--to life.

This project is currently in development.

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