Public Displays in Your City!


We designed and fabricated Public Displays with mobility and repeatability in mind.  We believe that the project will grow richer by accumulation, and more complex the more places it is mounted.  Does your gallery/library/museum/community center want to host a Public Displays event?  If so, contact Marsha Gordon at for information on the cost and logistics for bringing Public Displays to your neck of the woods.


Jill + Dan - JPG

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Still from the May Irwin Kiss (1896) - JPG

Public Displays Artists press photo (L-to-R: Josephine McRobbie, Trevor Thornton & helper, Marsha Gordon, Jason Evans Groth, Louis Cherry) - JPG

Press Release



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The May Irwin Kiss (1896) - courtesy of the Library of Congress - YouTube


Playlist of kissing-themed songs - Spotify