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Public Displays is an interactive video installation and performance piece created by a collaborative team:

Louis Cherry Architect, artist, photographer.  Twitter: @lcherry Instagram: @lcherry84

Marsha Gordon  Film studies professor at North Carolina State University.  Monthly “Movies on the Radio”  show on WUNC’s “The State of Things.” Author of forthcoming book on Sam Fuller’s war films. Email: Twitter: @MarshaGGordon

Jason Evans Groth  User Experience Librarian for Digital Media at NCSU. Musician, part-time karaoke host, some-time blogger. Twitter, Instagram: @groakus.

Josephine McRobbie NCSU Librarian, musician, independent researcher, and film accompanist. Twitter: @secret_shorts

Trevor Thornton  Applications developer with NCSU Libraries’ Digital Library Initiatives.Music-maker. Twitter: @trevorthornton. Instagram: @hellotrevorthornton.

Special thanks to Jesse White for logo design, Brian Frye for tons of advice, Mike Mashon , Head of Moving Images for the Library of Congress Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division, for facilitating a new digitization of Edison Co.'s "Kiss", Charlie Musser for knowing and sharing so much about Edison Co., and Justin Johnson of Arrowhead for his welding contribution.

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