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Adam Sobsey in Los Angeles Review of Books

Adam Sobsey published a beautifully-written, careful review of "Becoming the Ex-Wife" in LARB: "Enter Gordon to pick up the pieces. Her biography salvages and reconstructs Parrott’s many remains, rescuing an important American voice and cultural figure from near oblivion. Gordon plumbs her sources both widely and deeply, carefully and even affectionately reading Parrott’s work (over 130 novels, stories, serials, and nonfiction articles in all) and drawing heavily on Parrott’s many surviving letters to her lover Hugh O’Connor and her longtime (and long-suffering) agent George Bye. Gordon also firmly surrounds her subject with detailed historical context—particularly in her descriptions of the societal upheavals experienced by women during the Jazz Age—and an ample display of visual materials to help tell her story."

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