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Review of Becoming the Ex Wife in Chicago's NewCity Lit

Mary Wisiniewski writes, in her review of Becoming the Ex-Wife in NewCityLit (which you can read in full via the hotlink), that "It’s astonishing how this best-selling novelist, someone who was a regular in gossip columns, wrote for Hollywood, and who got enormous sums for her stories, disappeared from public memory. In “Becoming the Ex-Wife,” Marsha Gordon sheds welcome light on this remarkable and troubled writer, who knew too well how hard it was to be a modern woman who wanted sexual freedom and a career of her own choosing. In this well-researched and fascinating biography, Parrott emerges as a star who should be remembered alongside Jazz Age icons like Dorothy Parker and the Fitzgeralds. Parrott created many of her own problems, but Gordon gets us to admire and pity her. We’d even loan her money, knowing we’d never get it back."

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